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Vesper Martini 5L Cask

Vesper Martini 5L Cask

5L | 25% Alc / Vol | 98.63 Standard Drinks

Standard Serve: 90mL
Standard drinks per serve: 1.8
Serves per Carton: 55.6

Embrace the allure of the Vesper Martini! Inspired by the enigmatic man of mystery, this cocktail demands a vigorous shake and an ice-cold serving with a twist of lemon peel. Once you savour its captivating flavours, you’ll understand why it becomes
your exclusive libation of choice. Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Same premium ingredients. Same classic flavours. Simply more of it! Melbourne Martini now comes to you in 5-litre casks. The only thing to worry about is who to share it with this weekend.

Ingredients: Locally Distilled Gin, Craft Vodka & Vermouth

This product is Gluten Free and Vegan friendly 

Melbourne Martini 5L Bag in box cocktails are available for sale via our online store for events only.

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