Melbourne Martini lets consumers experience bartender-quality cocktails anywhere, anytime.  

There’s no tradeoff, no buying an average drink just so you can take it on a picnic, camping, to a concert, to a BBQ…why should the format it's purchased in affect our good it tastes?

Melbourne Martini delivers a quality, indulgent cocktail experience without all the hassle of making it yourself.

Our Founder and Managing Director Dylan Alexander, remains totally obsessed with making great cocktails effortless. Dylan’s always experimenting with new cocktails, new packaging formats and new partnerships and his relentless focus on the best quality local ingredients, made to exacting standards of quality and consistency. 

Explore our range starting with the Bar Strength Espresso Martini, Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, Pornstar Martini and
Amaretto Sour, as well as an
ever-evolving range of seasonal
cocktails and collaborations!

Forget the endless list of ingredients and convoluted procedures… with Melbourne Martini, it’s three steps to cocktail greatness!


Here’s where you get to
flex your bartender skills!
(flare optional)


Nothing beats the
satisfying pop of a
Melbourne Martini can!


Either straight into your
fanciest glass, your
humblest tumbler, or
even straight into your