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Espresso Martini 5L Cask

Espresso Martini 5L Cask

5L | 11% Alc / Vol | 43.4 Standard Drinks

Standard Serve: 120mL
Standard drinks per serve: 1
Serves per Carton: 41.7

We’re famous for our Espresso Martinis. You’re about to be famous for throwing epic soirees. The secret? Pop a new 5-litre cask of Melbourne Martini in your fridge.

Transform any average night into a delightful soirée with this modern classic that fuses locally brewed cold drip coffee, with vodka, and a hint of chocolate.

Ingredients: Vodka, Cold Drip Coffee & Organic Sugar 

This product is Gluten Free and Vegan friendly 

Melbourne Martini 5L Bag in box cocktails are available for sale via our online store for events only.

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