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Classic Cosmo 5L Cask

Classic Cosmo 5L Cask

5L | 11% Alc / Vol | 43.4 Standard Drinks

Standard Serve: 120mL
Standard drinks per serve: 1
Serves per Carton: 41.7

Savour the iconic Classic Cosmopolitan! This vodka-based cocktail combines the sweetness of orange, the zestiness of lime, and the freshness of cranberry, resulting in its signature pink hue. Delight in the perfect harmony of flavours in every sip.

At Melbourne Martini, we've got you covered for all your spring and summer events! Elevate your celebrations with our premium casks. Cheers to creating unforgettable moments! 🥂

Ingredients: Cranberry Juice, Orange Tincure, Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice

This product is Gluten Free and Vegan friendly 

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